Cpid Server tool with all the features you need

And full support for Samsung devices running the latest version of Android

imei repair cpid

Permanently repair the original IMEI with the certificate on the original firmware without rooting the device

Carrier release

Allow your Samsung device to work on another network operator without restriction, no more SIM lock

Reactivation lock

Easily remove Google account verification (FRP) after factory resetting your Samsung device

Secure Payment

USDT-TRC20 ensures the security of cryptocurrency payments.

After purchase warranty

The service is over? after that we will help you to solve any problem.

Money-back guarantee

You will receive a complete refund in the event that we are unable to repair your device.

24/7 Support

Drop us a line and let’s make something happen. Ready to help you at anytime.


Qualcomm, Exynos, MTK

All software revisions are supported by the cpid server and the imei repair operation can be performed directly on the firmware. no special combinations or cables are required.

The world's leading imei samsung repair solution, we are slowly starting to add older devices but for now we are focusing on newer models.

Retail Mode

Samsung Live Demo Unit

Do an IMEI repair operation to turn your Samsung LDU phone into a fully functional phone by removing developer IMEI and LDU FLAG, then everything will work as expected (text, call, 5g, etc.)

How to fix?
Custom imei

It helps you to set custom imei to your device

Does your country have restrictions for unregistered imei? just add a previously registered imei to your new device

Cert fail, security damage.

Device with IMEI 0 or failed certificate can be fixed by adding custom IMEI or generating random IMEI

Support for software updates

Once the IMEI is placed in your device, a factory reset or firmware update cannot change or delete the IMEI