Method of Payment

Unbeatable prices, exceptional customer care - we've got you covered for bulk and individual purchases!

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Send the payment confirmation to our live chat so we can start the service.

Single device payment:

  • Binance P2P
  • Cryptocurrency - USDT|ETH|BTC|USDC...
These preferred methods ensure a seamless and efficient payment process for individual services.

Multiple devices or Deposit Payment:

We only accept payment for multiple devices or deposit. A minimum of $ is required.

  • Wise
  • Western Union
  • Zelle
Each job will be deducted from the deposit amount, providing a convenient and streamlined approach to managing multiple services. If you opt for deposit payment, please inform our technician, who will guide you through the deposit process and subsequent deductions for each job.

Please be aware that each service is intended for single-use per device. Once the process is initiated, it is irreversible and cannot be repeated.

Important: Read and Confirm

Before contacting us, ensure you:

Failure to do so may lead to service delays, and services not meeting requirements may not be refundable. Save time by understanding and complying with these guidelines.

All payments are processed Manually. Please contact Us at our Live chat to receive the necessary information for payment, including Binance ID, USDT-TRC20 address, or bank information. This ensures a smooth and secure transaction for the services you require.