Motorola unlocking service will permanently sim unlock your device and allow you to use your device with any GSM operator in the world, no more SIM card lock.

Motorola Unlock

$ 50 USD

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After purchase warranty

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Money-back guarantee

A full refund will be issued if we are unable to repair your device.

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Motorola Unlocking Service

Before placing your order, please contact us with your phone model so that we can verify if it is supported by our services.

The Motorola unlock service is single-use per device. Once the unlock process is initiated, it cannot be undone or repeated. It is essential to follow all steps correctly and accurately to ensure a successful unlocking process.

Keep in mind that unlocking may void the warranty of your device, and it could be illegal in certain countries, so please check your local laws and regulations before attempting to unlock your device.

Step by step

How it works

Prepare your device

Enable usb debugging, Dial *#0808# and select MTP+ADB, Remove the screen lock or passcode

Connect it to our software

Once connected, a dialog will appear, select "Always allow from this computer" and press OK

Start MslCert Repairing

Do not unplug the device during the process, wait patiently for the process to complete


Frequently asked questions

What is the potential downside of using  CPID Server?

The downside of using a CPID server is that after repairing or unlocking your Samsung device, some features may be disabled.

This is due to Samsung's internal security protocols, such as Samsung Wallet (Samsung Pay), which may not work properly on a device that has been repaired or modified using the CPID server.

But other banks or payment applications will work just fine.

It is important to carefully evaluate the potential risks and benefits before using Cpid Server tool or service to modify your device IMEI.

How long will it take to complete the service once the purchase is made?

The entire process, from start to finish, takes from 5 to 10 minutes, access to the server is very limited by the number of slots we can generate and the server is not online 24 hours a day.

But we will have several server sessions per day, add our telegram channel to be notified every time a new server session starts or contact our live chat support, however when the server is online the process will be instant.

What are the requirements to apply for the service?

The only requirements are a Windows computer, a genuine USB data cable to connect your device to the computer and a fast and stable Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 10 mbps.

Do you need remote access to our computer?

NO! We are not intrusive and do not need to access your computer remotely. We have our own innovative process that allows us to repair your phone without having to access your computer.

But if you don't meet our requirements for the process to work perfectly and you still want to repair your device but you have a slow internet connection speed, driver problems, etc. then access to your computer will be the last solution.

if the service doesn't work, will I get my money back?

Money will be refunded if we are unable to repair your device.

But as long as the phone meets the requirements we ask for before providing the services, a new clean IMEI will be added to your device and it will be permanent and non-refundable. The new clean IMEI can only be blacklisted again if you are the new owner of the IMEI and you have reported it as lost/stolen, in this case no refunds will be given.

What payment methods are accepted?

Zelle Pay
Debit cards
Credit cards
Binance Pay
Wired transfer

If you do not have debit cards to pay, please contact us. We also accept transactions in multiple currencies.

Will I be able to reset or update my device after fixing it?

The cpid server uses official methods to repair your devices and the changes we make to your devices are permanent. Once the IMEI is placed on your devices, a factory reset or firmware update cannot change or remove the IMEI.

Does my phone need to be rooted?

We do not and will not need to root your phone.

We also recommend that you do not attempt to do so by any means.

Rooted phones are not supported by the cpid server.

Do you have any kind of guarantee?

As this is a direct imei repair method, the guarantee of success is 100%. Once the replacement is done it is permanent.

If your device stops working after months of use, the hardware is damaged or the IMEI is blacklisted, it will not be due to the repaired imei. Please read carefully the description of all services and select the one you need or contact us for guidance in choosing the right service for your device.

After successfully changing or repairing the IMEI number of your devices, if you have any questions or problems in this case do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a repair business, can I get a reseller discount?

Of course. If you have bulk orders containing multiple devices up to 5 devices at a time, we have our special distributor pricing. Please contact us for more information.